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     We are a  Google apps authorized consulting and deployment company with over 20 years of  information technology  integration  experienceWe use Google Business Solutions to create new revenue source by improving sales and marketing quickly, while reducing operational cost and overhead for you.

To increase efficiency and reduce cost , we deploy Google Apps and migrate legacy email systems , contacts  and calendars to the Secure Google cloud.

This provides you with three (3 ) new strategies that will assist you to level the playing field against all your competition:

  • Cloud strategy ( Mail, calendar , doc, spreadsheet , presentation, drawing,Video , web site maker, accounting , project management, CRM, email marketing,....etc. applications in the cloud )   
  • Internet / marketing strategy ( Getting to the 1st page of search ) 
  • Mobile strategy ( doing business anywhere , anytime - Cloud people )     
We offer Google business application consulting services that help maximize returns on information technology (IT), operations, marketing, and sales investments. We cover a range of services, including executive advisory programs, benchmarking, business transformation, and technology consulting services.

In our consultation, clients discover and learn the secret of reducing marketing, sales, and operations expense (OpEX), improving business performance, and implementing best practices when using Google applications, services, and offerings.

Google business solution consultation and deployment  


         Existing Business Structure 
     (Before adoption

Existing Business Structure Plus Google
Strengthening the business foundation 
 ( Google apps migration )

New business Structure with built in Google Strategies 
Early adoption )

Business Structure focused on adding to revenue and cutting cost 
with constant innovation

( Full adoption - being part of future and not the past )

     Experience proven results of creating new services and revenue by integrating Google business applications, offerings,  and products and reducing Capital Expense (CapEx).  Our lines of business include the following.

We also offer Business Transformation programs assisting clients develop a coordinated strategy for achieving performance improvements across the enterprise using Google applications, services and offerings. Our capabilities include operational assessments, process and organization design, change management and the effective application of technology. This is designed to help companies improve cash flow from operations through working capital management.