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What is Crowdfunding?
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CrowdFunding Frameworks
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Crowdfunding Cloud Based Server

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Crowdfunding Press Release 

SeoWebPower is a Google Apps certified company . We can help SMBs and entrepreneur with their initial cloud business  and Crowd funding setups using powerful Google apps, Google app engine  and business solutions. Fully scale able with %99.99 SLA.

  • CrowdFunding starter package
1. Video ( highly recommended )  or Pitch Deck  or  SlideShare 
2. Company Logo
3. Main Company Image
4. Tagline
5. Elevator Pitch
6. Full Pitch
  • Crowd Funding solutions
  1. Crowd funding introduction and preparation 
  2. Website development
  3. Web SEO
  4. Business Video production and PR  
  5. Video SEO
  6. Branding 
  7. Local marketing
  8. Social media marketing 
  9. Business plan writing 
  10. Business operations technology
    • Email
    • Calendar
    • Documents 9 cloud based - collaborative)
    • Web server
    • Google drive ( storage in the cloud ) 
    • Video server 
    • Accounting software
    • Payroll  and GL and setup
    • Email marketing
    • CRM
    • ERP
    • Office voice technology
    • Office wireless
    • Video monitoring 
    • Mobile employee management
    • Fleet  and GPS management
    • And much more  

  • Google business solution consultation and deployment


         Existing Business Structure 
     ( Before adoption ) 

Existing Business Structure Plus Google
Strengthening the business foundation 
 ( Google apps migration )

New business Structure with built in Google Strategies 
Early adoption )

Business Structure focused on adding to revenue and cutting cost 
with constant innovation

Full adoption - being part of future and not the past )

  • Crowdfunding process

We assist you in the following processes :

  • Preparation
    • Create a detailed outline for the final product
    • Determine a reasonable production schedule, complete with benchmarks for starting and ending major phases of the project.
    • Calculate a comprehensive budget,
    • Determine your marketing campaign to sell the idea.

  • Determine Crowd funding  Project Details
    • Strategic decision on the start and end dates for the fundraising drive.
    • Strategic decision on your reward levels for backers.
  • Make Fans and build ecosystem
If a tree falls in the woods, and there’s no one there to hear it, will it make a noise? Same thing goes with crowdfunding. Even if you set up a sweet campaign, you need fans to find out about it and engage or else you won’t meet your goals (aka raise funds). We assist you to build up your fan base online, whether that’s through Google + , Blog , Facebook and Twitter or through an email campaign list that you reach regularly. These fans (and super fans) are going to make or break your next campaign.

  • Soft Launch
    • Manage  a soft launch for the project on your website and via social media ahead of time
    • Manage frequent Google searches  and Business intelligence
    • manage and set up  social media.  
    • Get and collect  feedback received during the soft launch, tweaking the  sales pitch and campaign ;

  • Crowdfunding Launch
    • Campaign management  ,Stay engaged.
    • Add , embed the  Crowdfunding   campaign to  your website , video , blogs and social media and any message board posts where you have announced the project.
    • Post frequent updates on Crowdfunding portal
    • Manage expectation
    • Manage  fundraising phases:
      • 1st phase burst of activity - early adopters
      • 2nd phase - keeping people excited and engaged; stay active, pitch ideas
      • 3rd phase - managing final quarter of the fundraising period- Snowball effect
      • 4th phase - Threshold of reaching your goal. The bandwagon effect
    • Managing deadline ,  sending out information requests .

  • Crowd Funding topic - Video