Where do people click first? Text or Video?

Youtube is a vital tool for SEO because a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures hence the reason why Youtube has an estimated 92 billion page views each month with the average Youtube user spending 5 hours and 50 minutes on the site per month.

As of February 2011, YouTube has 490 million unique users worldwide per month, who rack up an estimated 92 billion page views each month. We spend around 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month — over 325,000 years. And those stats are just for the main YouTube website — they don’t incorporate embedded videos or video watched on mobile devices.

YouTube videos are often entertaining, and will keep visitors on your site for a longer time, which exponentially enhances your search engine rankings. As proven, your business can capitalize on new visitors who view your optimized video through Youtube.

There is a huge shift in the internet that is occurring right now due to cheap bandwidth and video engine like YouTube. That shift is away from 
static web pages and towards dynamic video marketing! Much like the shift to television in the 1950’s ( Black and white and silent films ) , today’s web visitor wants to see and hear your message rather than read it. And the technology is standardized to the point that over 99% of visitors can view a video commercial.

With a video ad you can provide a testimonial and demonstrate your product or service in a compelling, easy to understand way. You can show, not just tell, your prospects exactly what makes your company the better choice. Video marketing really brings your site up to date.

Adding a video promo to a web site has consistently shown  to improve conversions. In fact 80% of visitors will watch the ad and 52% of visitors take action, according to the Online Publishers Association. The reason why is clear… people learn more and retain more with multimedia.

 “Streaming video delivers nearly three times higher brand awareness and message association, and more than 100% higher purchase intent and online ad awareness than non-rich media ads.”


A recent Forbes survey of senior executives across the country reveal that whopping 65% visit a vendor's website after seeing a video of the vendor's product on youtube or other media outlet.
That's big news. That means that video drives website traffic for your business.

But there's even bigger news. Further survey results indicated that younger executives, those under 40, are more fully engaged than their older counterparts with this type of media - meaning they are more likely to make a purchase, call a vendor or respond to an ad based solely on watching a company's video.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you want to communicate in today's business environment, you need video. It's no longer a luxury. Video is what you need to stay relevant.

At Seowebopwer we produce business related videos. That means marketing video to put on your website or YouTube. It also means product videos; video you can use to educate your staff on how to better do their job. Product videos that teach your public how to use your product and sell them more.

And just to prove our point here are some of our works.