Marketing Consulting

We are a Google apps authorized consulting and deployment company with over
20+ years of information technology integration experience. We use Google Business Solutions to accelerate businesses' revenue source by improving sales and marketing quickly, while reducing operational cost and overhead.

To increase efficiency and reduce cost , we deploy G Suite and migrate legacy email systems , contacts and calendars to the Secure Google cloud.

This provides you with three (3 ) new strategies that will assist you to level the playing field against all your competition:

  1. G Suite (mail, calendar , documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings , private video hosting , simple website maker, accounting, project management, client relation management (CRM), email marketing, etc... applications.

  2. Digital marketing strategy

  3. Portability and flexibility your team needs
We consult with your business to help maximize your returns on:
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Operations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales 
We cover a range of services, including executive advisory programs, bench marking, business transformation, and technology consulting services.

Our clients discover and learn the secret of reducing marketing, sales, and operations expense (OpEX), improving business performance, and implementing best practices when using Google applications, services, and offerings.

Google business solution consultation and deployment

Existing business structure before adoption 

  Google add to the existing business structure 

New business Structure with built in Google Strategies

  Business structure focused on adding to revenue and cutting cost

Experience proven results of creating new services and revenue by integrating Google business applications, offerings, and products and reducing Capital Expense (CapEx). 

Case Study: Irvine company Innova Global Technologies Inc.

Innova an Irvine, CA company asked us to create a national project deployment and expert sourcing engine for a fraction of the cost of infusionsoft. We worked with them to set up two Google Sites (Classic)
  1. As One Force -
  2. As One Source -

As One Force became their national project and technology deployment roll out sales page that continues to generate project leads for Innova. As One Source became their national project team building site where contractors can join the community.

Though our search engine optimization we continue to help Innova generate the sales they need.