Phone Systems powered by Google

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a voicemail and text service from Google that enables users to make free US calls and send free text messages, customize their voicemail, read voicemail text transcript ( English text sent to their emails) , and much more. 

How to Use Google Voice?

When you sign up for Google Voice, You are given one free phone number that is connected to you  across all your devices ( desktop and mobile and VOIP phones) and locations.

This enables you  to manage all of your phones with one number, letting you customize what phone will ring based on specific callers.

While many of these features are free, some features, like call recording, are only available with paid accounts.

Google Voice Features

  1. Voicemail transcription 
  2. One number 
  3. Personalized greetings 
  4. Inexpensive international calling 
  5. Free Google Voice SMS/Google Voice text messaging
  6. SMS to email 
  7. Share voicemails 
  8. Block callers 
  9. Screen callers 
  10. Mobile app Conference calls 
  11. Number Porting
  12. Listen in on voicemail before answering a call
  13. Set certain phones to ring depending on caller
  14. Call routing
  15. Voicemail transcripts
  16. Google Voice call recording
  17. Notification of voicemail via email or SMS
  18. Customize voicemail greeting for certain callers
  19. Call blocking
  20. Switch phone devices during a call
  21. Free PC-to-phone calling within North America
  22. Free PC-to-PC voice and video calling worldwide

Is Google Voice Free?

Setting up Google Voice is free, and the Google Voice apps are free, but some features are not such as;
  1. Number porting
  2. Making international calls with Google Voice
  3. A certain amount depending on where you are calling.

How to Setup and integrate Google Voice?

We have help hundreds of SMS and startups to set up their Google voice accounts and integrate them with;
  1. Mobile phone
  2. VoIP phones
  3. Gmail ( It is best when Google Voice is used as part of Google Apps) 
  4. Digital profile website
  5. Google sites 
  6. An more

Advantages of having a Google Voice Number

Having a Google Voice number gives you control and  one number that can receive calls from all of their various phones. We can customize you  account so that when someone calls a  you ( a user’s Google Voice phone number) , it can ring on all of your phones, or just certain phones that a you  selects.

Number Porting

Number porting lets users port their mobile phone number to Google Voice. This lets users have access to all the features and customizable options of Google Voice number, without having to get a new, separate number. There is a fee associated with number porting.