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The "Digital Business Card" Story

“I have a drawer full of business cards, and I can never find the one I need
when I need it... They’re useless.”

Many of you know that we use Growth Hacking Marketing techniques to accelerate the growth of ideas and project. We work with businesses, startups and entrepreneurs attempting to promote their products, services or raising funds for ideas and innovations. One of the biggest challenges faced is their story will become lost or forgotten by those who hear it.

Every Entrepreneur I know worries about are they moving fast enough and are they reaching right group of people and investors having limited time and resources. 

Our clients' audience (investors, bankers, promoters, followers or collaborators) have a limited time. With all the daily noise we are all faced with, we do not have time to save business cards, handouts, marketing materials, or business plans. Even the name of a project, company, or entrepreneur can be easily and quickly forgotten.

Almost all accepts of our business is digital except our paper-based business card. 

A Problem Worth Solving 

Getting the correct information to the correct people is imperative. Contact information must be made available, transferable, and accurate to potential investors, bankers, promoters or collaborators 7x24x 365

Since we all have a mobile device on us most of the time, why not place your contact and all business information there.  We realized our clients needed a method and delivery option that could easily be transferred and shared. So simple that even if their potential clients forgot their names and written information, they could still access their contact information effortlessly. 

But how do we merge all their contact information and online profiles into one mobile screen and make it simple?

The Solution

A single digital business card designed to take advantage of:
    1. Use a cloud engine that is not only powerful but available worldwide. 
    2. Powerful tile / card design for simple touch navigation.
    3. The digital business cards is built on the Google platform and uses Google Apps for Work solutions such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Voice, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google QR Codes, Google Contacts, Google Analytic, Google photo and YouTube with added the power of Google Security and much more.
    4. Most of the above apps are also integrated with each other. 
    5. Simple access Social Media accounts or a gateway to project information.
    6. Responsive web design for both desktop and mobile.
    7. Easily editable and optimize-able.

    Value Proposition

    1. Everything about you and your  project. All in one place. 
    2. Tell and share your story easily.
    3. Be there, when they want you.  

    Minimum Viable Product (Our MVP)

    The  "digital business card" is our MVP (Minimum viable product). When you claim yours, we will send it to you (actual text it to you).

    Get your mobile business card!

    Features and Benefits

    1. Your Name
    2. Your Profile Image & Company Logo Make sure they remember you and your name.  
    3. Your Email Address Share your email address with potential clients fast.
    4. Your Mobile Number (SMS) Text me. Make it simple to receive text messages from potential clients.
    5. Your Phone Number (Mobile & Office) They can call you fast without knowing or remembering your number.
      1. Option to use your current mobile #
      2. Option to use Google Voice #
      3. Google voice features:
        • Voicemail transcription
        • Voice mail alert, Email, and  transaction 
        • One number
        • Personalized greetings
        • International calling
        • SMS to email
        • Share voicemails
        • Block callers
        • Screen callers
        • Mobile app
        • Conference calls
        • Number Porting
    6. Value Message and/or Logo. The aha! moment and branding
    7. Office My office location. Ease of getting to your office with one click - Map and GPS
    8. Your Bio Your story. Establishing your authority
    9. Your Website Access to more information abuts your project without knowing or remembering  your domain.
    10. Your Social Media Accounts Crowd and community building. Access to like or follow or post.
    11. Back Your Project Your story, call to action, convert visitors to follower and investors. Test and validate your concept.
    12. QR-code Have people scan your URL address of your device.
    13. Your events Inviting people and let them know where you will be and give them access to the register.
    14. Download Contact Help your prospects store your contact information to their mobile phone contact list. 
    15. Get your own Digital Business Card Claim your card now and get started today.
    Customizable Features:
    1. Video Conferencing. Rather than call, click to video conference.
    2. Your Video. Click and play your video (Your story, value proposition or your ASK)
    3. Your Gallery. Click and access your video gallery or Google photos    

    Don't Have a Business Number?

    We can assist you in obtaining an additional number on Google Apps for Work.

    Customization & Exactly What You Want

    We can customize to your suggestion and needs.

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    Rethink the way you Network & Connect in the Digital Age!