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Why we need to have CKO - Chief knowledge officer

posted Mar 17, 2012, 10:08 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Mar 17, 2012, 11:25 AM by Rafael Hernandez ]

Why CKO (  Chief knowledge officer )  is a necessity and  not a luxury and why we are not familiar with the term or  its  function ?

We are a small business and we "eat"  what we "kill" in order to survive the current  economic and technology paradigm shift . 

Innovation  to us means , "when  we are two steps ahead of our competitions" . We are not Edison and have a limited budget .

 We  have toned our  BI engine (Google  business indigence )  for five key phrases that impact our bottom line. Our CKO  wakes up every day at 5:00 AM and " study "  the top three reports on the above 5 subjects for two hours  and collaborate  his  finding with CEO, CFO and employees  . and Why?? 

Our CKO needs to be knowledgeable and relevant to our customers , employees and competitions " every day " . Theoretical educations ( MBA, MS...etc. ) are years old . School of hardknox ( work ) and experience is a year old . Exponential Growth and its change are  in accelerated path ( hockey  stick curve ) across technology , economy, business charges...etc. (to understand the Exponential Growth and its change ,  watch )  

Then CKO is not a  title . She / He has to be " search Literate" and  "network Literate " ( network here is not  referring to internet or hardware network .. it is human network accessible through the net   ).

Who is Search Literate ?  

How many of us use Google ( or any search engine ) algorithms and Boolean parameters to search.  

                     ( Search result  = [ subject ] to the power of  machine intelligence )     ?

the better the subject , the better results 

Who is  Network Literate ?

How many of us use Social media to improve business and social functions ? I am sure many of us have daily accidents with Facebook  and other SMs.

How many of us use Crowd or expert sourcing engines on daily bases  to get our organization to the next level ?

  ( Search result  = [ subject ] to the power of  collective human intelligence  ). 

Rather asking a question from machines ( computers ) , ask it from collective crowd of experts.

Crowd is 75% more intelligent than the expert. ( watch who want to be millionaires and see how crowd is more accurate than the expert friend )  

Before you think , I have gone " star treky" and too futuristic.. See what supper intelligent companies are doing  .

1-http:// ( Eli Lilly and Company ) Expert sourcing engine with 160,000 geniuses working for them .  ( 2002 )

2- ( walmart ) Crowdsourcing engine ( 2012 )

3- ( As-One )  Expert sourcing IT deployment nationwide ( 2011 )  

4-  Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

5-   Amazon mechanical turk

6-  Watch  this video  ( )  to touch the yesterday  or near future reality. Wisdom of collective human intelligence at your finger tip . 

What CTO builds and manage ?

Currently,  we are  working on two crowdsourcing engines using Google Apps engine and Google data source  . We are not even programmers. We crowd source the talent as is needed  We are building these engines in order to say yes to the following question with confidence . ( Are you going to be in business next five years ? )

We know ,"We"  are smarter  than " I "   and also there are smarter people out side our organization walls than inside at any time . We also know outsourcing business  functions is "not"  an effective way to develop our engine of Innovations  


P.S. If you are interested on "network Literacy "  . get this book ( next two months will be in  Amazon ) - 

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