What is a Domain, Hosting, and IP (Simplified)


If you are building a site or already have a site or are just wondering, how does it work. Well, here is how it works. There are a couple of terms out there that we must get acquainted with (if you haven't already heard them). In the web there are millions of addresses and freeways that your computers connection must take to get to the right destination.


Are the website name (www.seowebpower.com) are leased for set amount of time typically in years.


Like a directory the registrar (Godaddy, 1&1, HostMyWebsite etc.) converts domain names that humans can read to IP address. Then it routes to the hosting machine.


A computer that holds website files to be viewed by a Browser (Chrome Mozilla etc). Wordpress files, HTML PHP ASP Files. (Has an IP Address


Internet Protocol


Universal Reference Link

How it Works

Human types URL in Browser > sent to registrar gets converted to IP > Directed to Hosting Machine >
Website is Displayed

Break Down

URL = House Address
Registrar = Map
IP = House Location

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