Top 5 productive Google Apps Marketplace Apps found useful by Seowebpower

There are thousands if not millions of applications that will do almost about anything. There is always a rush to launch the next great thing. Yet overlook the rushed part. There are applications that are never completed of even close to being completed. Then there are also the applications that are abandoned half way through. What a pain!

Luckily Seowebpower and CrowdFunding Planing have been working together since 2007 and have tested application after application both in Google Apps marketplace and non-Google Apps. Here is what we have learned.

Google Apps marketplace apps tend to be more complete due to they are being offered to enterprise and non-enterprise type of businesses. Since we love Google Apps for work we want to share what application we have come to really love. We have some we hate but we won't mention them because we want to be nice to the application developers. (Or else...)

Productive Application


One of the best project management applications we have seen. There so many great options in this application.
  • Sharing capabilities - Share with one person or share with many both for internal and external viewers.

  • Task assignment and delegation - Easily assign and send tasks to team members. An email is automatically sent out to team mates. This males it simple for them to know what belongs to who.

  • Mobile Applications - Everyone practically carries a mobile device around. Asana makes it easy to take tasks on the go.

  • Project Tracking - It is simple to track a project from start to finish.

Overall this application has a lot great options that we at Seowebpower have come to love. It is our daily used project management tool and has increased our productivity in-house.

View the tour on the home page.


Where to begin with Smartsheet. It truly is one of the best spreadsheet applications that we have seen. The possibilities are endless with Smartsheet.
  • Adaptation - This is what we believe is one of the most power aspects of Smartsheet. If you it can be done in a spreadsheet SmartSheet can do it. This application can be used for:
    • Forms
    • Gantt Charts
    • Project Managment
    • File Sharing
    • Reporting
    • Tracking
    • Resource Mangement
    • And Beyond

  • Integration - This application integration is through the roof. You can use almost any cloud storage software to import files. Single sign-on options, just a fantastic way to work in a collaborative environment.

  • Tracking - You can email rows to people and follow up on tasks. This makes it easy to know who is responsible for what.

Visit the SmartSheet product tour you will not regret it.


Although this app has recently as of this date has stopped offering free accounts. Seowebpower has seen this company grow from being a simple email tracker to an effective marketing tool.

YesWare allows users in Outlook, Gmail, and other email providers to send emails that can track:

  • When it is opened, everytime it is opened
  • Where is was opened
  • How long was the person on the email
  • What type of device are they using
This application has fantastic weekly reporting to see how your emails have done. As well as pre-canned responses for repeat email use.

With all the insights provided it makes it easy to decide what action to use moving forward in marketing efforts.

Visit the demo here


A useful CRM, this CRM allows for a team to be very productive. It is simple to use and simple to organize contacts in. Importing and exporting are made very simple yet effective. What we loved about it was the synchronization option for Google Calendar and email carbon copy filing to each project. 

This CRM is effective by allowing a contact to be converted to an opportunity which than can be converted to a project. It truly automates the way the sales process is laid out.

We used this with CrowdFunding Planning to organize projects and clients, it has made it easy for CrowdFunding Planning's mentors to keep track of all projects and clients. As well as collaboration between mentors on projects.

View the demo here


What can we say about this extraordinary cloud PBX. It is just phenomenal. 

  • The Price - pricing is completely affordable, makes it simple to scale up or down without effort.

  • Does what a PBX should do - This service allows you to set up large enterprise style of directory. Hold options, call recording options, transfers and blind transfers.

  • Platform Integrations - No matter what device you have Dialpad works on it. Fantastic user interface and CRM style for Google Apps see emails last sent to that contact when they call or you call them. Keep track of it all with Dialpad.

  • Does what a phone should do - Calling, holding, text messaging, video chat, contacts integration with Google Apps for Work.
Since we found this application we said goodbye to our phone service provider. We had a smash our old PBX ceremony, and took turn smashing the old PBX. This is the best application for small businesses wanting a enterprise level appearance. We highly recommend it.

See it for yourself see the features here

So there you have it, our top 5 favoritve productivity tools in the Google Apps Marketplace. We hope that you will look into them for yourself and benefit from all the great things they have to offer.

This article was written by Rafael Hernandez from Seowebpower

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