Is Your Website Attractive or Effective?

There are so many ways that websites are built today. Yet it can fall into two categories, a website can be very attractive but fail to be effective. After all isn't it the point of having a website to generate a following or attract potential clients?  Then there are website that are very effective but they look very outdated and even suspicious.

How do we create a website that is both? How can we find the middle ground for our websites? The reality is its not as easy as it seems. I have not yet found a website that is completely both. I have seen some websites that have great search engine optimization but the sites functionality is lacking. Also have seen some that have a great layout but can not be found on search.  Yet there is a way.

I have came across Google Sites a platform that is easy to use, easy to manage, and has a secret component. The secret component is search engine optimization indexing capabilities. It makes it the ideal place to build a website that is both attractive and effective. 

It sounds to be good to be true, but it is. The site is built on a Google environment, it does have restrictions but for a great reason. Most SEO companies find tactics, techniques, wizardry, black hats, and other things (trust me I know.) Yet when Google changes its algorithms they sweat bullets, start panicking, run around in circles. Why? Because all their websites plummet down on search rankings.

When you are working in a Google environment you do not have to worry about all of this. (How can this be?) Google only allows you to use the best practices. This allows you to build a website that is both effective and attractive that can be used to generate the traffic and attract customers you want.

This article was written by Rafael Hernandez from Seowebpower
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