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How to choose a Memorable Site Address

 Here are some simple tips on how to find a catchy domain name for your website:
  1. Shorter is Better -- The most memorable and effective  domains tend to be shorter than longer. A shorter domain has fewer possible spellings or interpretations and is easier to memorize. For example, instead of
    "affordablewebhostingprovider", we decided to go with "webs."
  2. Keywords - Find the strongest key words or phrases and build it in to the domain name 
  3. Satellite domain -  Satellite domain are easier to SEO and has grate local effect . For example 
  4. Easy Spelling -- Choose a simple site address that does not have a lot of spelling variations. Domain names are often passed around by customers in verbal conversation. Use only a few words to ensure the correct information is passed around. Also remember that you can only use letters, numbers or a hyphen. No special characters, like &, # or $, are allowed in a domain name.
  5. Descriptive of the Company -- Website addresses should not be a random name you pull out of a hat. Your domain name should clearly express what your company is about and should reflect what you do. Instead of simply looking for something catchy, strive to pick a domain that fits into and complements your overall branding. 
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