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Google sites webdesign and deployment helps your SEO Ranking

posted Oct 6, 2012, 8:34 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Oct 6, 2012, 8:34 AM by Rafael Hernandez ]

SeoWebPower Design website based on Google Fabric or Google sites. These are few example of the sites ;

AsOneSource  a  National Technology Rollout
Innova Global Technology a   Data , voice , data and audio systems  and technology installation
CrowdFunding Planning Compete CrowdFunding Solution for successful Crowd Funding. Leveraging Technology to Enable Business Growth
CrowdFunding Conferenceseminar  Live CrowdFunding Educational Seminars. Meet and Learn from CrowdFunding Experts
CrowdFunding Mentors  An expert source crowdfunding consultant, coaches and mentors  assisting crowdFunding community to have more success campaign
Crowd Qualifier    An Approved Due Diligence Process and CrowdFunding Validation

High-quality exact match domain are

- The website is original and resourceful  and has a lot of unique pages ( close to hundreds to thousands)
- Not many  duplicate content is found and the website is abundant with original content.
- The website and content are updated regularly, keeping the site fresh
- The website has a TOS, privacy policy, and other on page links that help legitimize it.
- The site has a plethora of other high quality website properties linking to it in a natural fashion
- The site author is established in his / her market and has a strong Author Rank

- The content posts DO have a strong history of getting socially shared (Tweets, Likes, Pins, etc)

What constitutes a low-quality exact match domain?

- The website has very few pages
- The website has a lot of duplicate content and/or very little original content
- The content posts don’t have a strong history of getting socially shared (Tweets, Likes, Pins, etc)
- The website doesn’t have consistent, fresh content being added regularly
- The site author is unknown or hasn’t established a strong “Author Rank”
- The website doesn’t have a TOS or Privacy Policy
- The site has too many low quality links, especially exact matching anchor text links