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Google Places Marketing Local SEO

posted Jun 7, 2011, 10:33 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 11:01 AM by Rafael Hernandez ]

Google Places is Defining Local Marketing

Thirty years ago when the Internet did not exist, the success of a business depended primarily on the physical location. - And scandalous marketing.  The marketing, management, and relevancy of the business was created and tweaked based on the location so that customers could easily find you.

Today, Google Places (GoogleMaps) is replacing the method of how customers find you providing a limited 7 slots for businesses in a local business search.  For example, if you were to search “Periodontist Orange County” in Google search, a list of the top Periodontists that Google believes to be the most relevant will show, in the search. - Businesses will kill puppies for this.  The selection depends on a variety of algorithms including  page rank, site history, rich content, and keywords. +10 other SEO techniques you want to ask us about.  Not many people know that it is possible to search engine optimize the Google Places page.

Your No where on Google Places? Better be NOW HERE - Or else!

If you are currently not listed in Google Places or listed in page 3 or 4, obtaining the top slot will become exceptionally difficult as time goes by. - Super difficult.  The reason is because the current businesses that are listed in the top 7 slots have a higher chance of staying listed unless Google changes its way in which they measure local search. - Don’t count on it.  If you stay silent , you will undoubtedly have a tough challenge 5 years from now when you try and compete with your competitors who have .

1 Year Can Be The Life And Death Of Your Business.

The proliferation of smart phones and tablets only increases the traffic to Google Places and will accelerate the popularity of searching online.  Yellow Pages, paper directories, and tangible marketing material will slowly be faded out into extinction. - If not already. and soon enough, the only way for a customer to search for a need will be through Google and if your business is not visible when they search for you, might as well rely on the Yellow Pages for .0005% of your market potential. - Go Google Now!

If you are interested in markerting your business in Google Places, feel free to check our information guide which is rich with valuable content and pictures for you to fully understand the value of Google.  The resources are linked below.