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Google business applications- 1) Mobile strategy, 2 ) Cloud strategy & 3 ) Network strategy

posted Mar 17, 2012, 11:26 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Mar 17, 2012, 11:26 AM by Rafael Hernandez ]
We are an early adopter of cloud sourcing . Cloud computing is a subset of Cloudsourcing. In 2007, when we adopted cloud computing , we never thought it will effect us as profoundly as it is  today(+) . We still come to the office but we are mostly  "cloud people or office " now.

As a CEO, I had all the doubts  on how the cloud works . But, after receiving emails and video  & voice communications , 8:00 AM, 1:00 PM , 5:00PM, 8:00PM & 1:00 AM from our staff & clients , then I knew .. we are in to something big  .

Our organization like other had all the traditional boxes &  strategies like , vision, marketing, sales, operations, accounting , HR...etc. strategies & departments.

But after adoption of  cloud sourcing, we end up  getting three gifts . 1) Mobile strategy, 2 ) Cloud strategy & 3 ) Network strategy which we did not have in past . These allowed us to have level playing filed against our  biggest completions & also allowed us to innovate & create new revenues . These three strategies effect all other departments.

As an early adopter , I got all the remarks & challenges you might consider . question about security  ( ) & functionality , training ,..etc.

Reality today is that we are %200 in the cloud ( Data  / server  & Voice /PBX   ) , are CTO is our CKO ( chief technology officer)   now  (   ) 

We have no server, PBX, IT staff & we moved all of them from overhead support expense to  income generating , problem solving resources that we ever need & did not have budget fort.

1) Mobile strategy

We use  Mobile devices not only for communications & real time texting but also for our national installation QA ( )  & GPS project tracking . We also are developing enterprise wide  mobile apps to be able to communicate  value & project information live 

 2 ) Cloud strategy 
About cloud computing, You know our health care info , banking info , utility info all are on the cloud. What we did simply was to move our desktop & business apps to the cloud.
For electricity in our office , we do not us generator as primary source & we use the Grid .

This was a scary thought before 1920 ( giving up generator & trusting the Grid ).
The same for "in-house" servers & "private cloud" servers .

We pay $50 a year / per user to access the Google Apps & our platform is better than most fortune 1000 companies ( GM just move 100,000 employees to this platform 

3 ) Internet , network strategy

We are located at Orange county California ( City of Santa Ana ) & extend our market to Los Angeles county. using www., we offer our services nationwide .

There are about 100+ cities in our 100 mile radios. We have been able to communicate & market our values using Google & be on 1st page of Google search for almost "all, 100 cities ". for our key words ( ie network cabling Irvine, Network cabling Glendale, Fiber optic installation lake forest , data center relocation tustin , cable contractors Anaheim...etc. ) .

We also on the 1st page of Google globally for " passive optical lan " & " office technology relocation " , " national technology rollout " etc.. We get about 2 to 3 calls a day .

a- We got so good at this now that we offer SEO & webdesign as a service ( Local & national SEO ) for our partners .( )

Watch our video that we launched for our Partner MR2 solutions in the 1st page when you search for " data center virtualization los angles " , or " data center backup Orange county " .

We have to innovate every day using the tools we have . If you got a chance watch this video