What was his name  conundrum. How to Growth Hack your portfolio in to your investors  and followers mobile phone

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges for startups, Entrepreneurs, and business are ho to make sure potential investors, backers or followers do not forget about them.

Unfortunately business cards, emails, and phones call are not cutting it.

What was his name?

Many time in the past, I looked to my Rolodex, desk drawers and a stack of  business cards  and I could not find "what was his name?".  Knowing I just found someone that is willing to look at the subject matter since he said he wants to investor had the interest to team up.

Problem worth solving

I thought this is a  "problem worth solving".  I have been there, many times in  the past and having  opportunities to meet few entrepreneurs every week, then clearly I knew the danger of the of having a " problem worth solving".

You know, sometimes that means working on a perfect solution for years. 

I knew innovation in "Knowledge Age" means to Growth hack the idea. To find, integrate, mix and match the best available applications. Better solution than starting from the scratch. 

Unfair advantage

My "unfair advantage" is  having a team that has knowledge and experience working with Google for work and Google application.

We mixed  close to fifteen (15) Google application and embed them in a Google Sites. We created a mobile friendly web page which once it is accessed, it carries all our info, bio, pictures, links, vCard, maps, Social Media, Email and more.

Furthermore, one cal click to   :call", "text", "email:,"share" and more.  

knowledge age innovation

For sure this is not an original idea since from 17-century people have been exchanging business cards  and since the introduction of the mobile phone, there have been many, many attempts.

The fact is people still get the card(web page) and download the info to their mobile contacts. 

Just to be part of the community of entrepreneurs , we decided to renovate.

I knew for the fact, innovation is not making the light bulb  or inventing something from scratch. In the "knowledge age," one need to mix and match what is powerful and works and make something useful.
I decided to start with based and most solid base that I knew off. "Google applications"

My team and I mixed over 15  Google applications and came up with what is called " Digital Portfolio Card".  Sorry, we still had used the word card in order to communicate what it is, knowing this is not a card.

We want you to test it. The 1st, ten (10) applicant we receive their " Digital Portfolio Card" for Free.

Mobile App Business Card

How does it work?

1- Text my " Digital Portfolio Card" to your mobile phone. This is a web page in Google sites, then do bot worry about mobile storage or viruses. It is safe to browse.  --   http://businesscard.seowebpower.com/dkhorram 

2- If you liked it,  use your mobile phone and save it to your 'home screen" . You get an icon that make you accessing and reaching me very fast and effortless . 

3- If you click on the share button, and place a mobile number, they get my  " Digital Portfolio Card" 

How to get your " Digital Portfolio Card" for free.

1- Complete this form " http://www.seowebpower.com/applications/order-digital-profile-webcard"

2-  We custom make your  " Digital Portfolio Card"   and will text it to you.

Then you can share it with your audience.  No more " what was his name"  conundrum.

Please let me know how do you like it, this is an MVP at this time.

P.S. This a web page, thus there are no issues with your mobile storage and its limitation. Your Digital Portfolio Card is on Google sites web server, thus, there is no concern about viruses or malware. 

Order Digital Profile Webcard

This article was written by David Khorram from Seowebpower

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